Some weeks ago I tried to setup Latex editor (LEd) on Windows 7 and 8. I end up with the solution that works on both versions of Windows.
Here is the recipe on How-to setup the running LEd on Windows 7 and 8:

  • Step 1. Install GhostView (gsv44w32.exe)
  • Step 2. Install Ghostscript (gs811w32.exe)
  • Step 3. Install basic version of MikTex (basic-miktex-2.9.4521.exe)
  • Step 4. Now it is time to unpack the version of LEd version on the system (LEdBeta(0.53)Build(6501)
  • Step 5. Under the installation directory of the MikTex you will find the following dynamic library (MiKTeX209-core.dll). What you should do is to rename it to the MiKTeX208-core.dll.
  • Step 6. Now you should open the LEd editor and open the configuration window. When configuration is finished it should look similar to the one on the picture below

    Config of LEd editor.

  • Step 7. You can now start writing your text in LEd. Compile to DVI. If it does not show in the preview then open it with GS View.
  • Step 8. Now try to recompile the DVI again and now also the preview should be shown.
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